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BARNES & NOBLE at Chesterfield Towne Center, Richmond, Virginia

On Saturday, June 10,2023, at 1:00 p.m. I had my second book signing with Barnes & Noble. I met a lot of interesting people from all walks of life and participated in many lively conversations. I arrived with my support team, and we immediately went to work. I sold the first book at 12:59 p.m. and within two hours SOLD OUT completely. Claudia, the manager, is such a lovely person. She has invited me to return.

BARNES & NOBLE at Manassas, Virginia

At the Barnes and Noble Manassas book signing event on July 8, 2023, I met a lot of interesting readers.  I met a set of twins by the names of Matthew and Nicole (not identical at all), but very interesting.  Their mother pulled out a list of books that they were scheduled to read for the summer for school.  And since my book was based on a true story and language, it met the criteria.  So she  presented it to the children.  Nicole didn't seem to mind, she was pro trying out  Spanish .  Mind you that they are an American family so this was going to be an adventure.  Matthew, on the other hand, seemed spectacle from the get go, so I had to work really hard to sell him.  After a twenty minute conversation, even though he was still a little skeptical in the end, he agreed to give the book a shot and promised to send me an email on whether he liked it or not.  I told him that I am looking forward to receiving his feedback.  Cross your fingers guys. The jury is still out.  LOL. Matthew was my toughest sale for the day.

I also met several teachers, including some ESL, my field, and we conversed and exchanged notes. 

The staff was also great and treated me to a Starbucks drink and baked goods.

Overall, it was a pleasant few hours.  Book signing events are fun!

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